ZANE "In the last few years Guiding on Tahr especially my knees have been getting worse and worse, stiffening up to the point I’m hobbling in intense pain, but having a job to do have no choice but to push through. It usually starts on the first big day of the hunt.
I’m old school, I don’t use Panadol etc and am very sceptical in these kinds of products such as protein shakes etc.... Having never once used em.
On a recent trip we had a rare weather event here on the West Coast that enabled 5 mint full days of hunting, I was dreading the fact of my knees packing up long before we started.
One of my clients had some HuntSmart so thought bugger it why not try it. We had 5 massive days in the Alps, and for the first time in years my knees never packed up and I even never noticed any fatigue kicking in, every morning feeling fresh like it was my first day. I was actually pretty blown away. I don’t have many good things to say about hunting products, gear etc but dam me it’s well worth a review!

Needless to say, I won’t be goin on any big hunts without some, it’s the only thing I did different to any other hunt in the past, and I definitely won’t be taking any more chances, it has to be working right..!!??
I’ve put an order in for my own, Cheers!"

DAN. C "It definitely helped me as I suffer bad with getting leg cramps normally and this trip I never had it once
I really rate this product definitely didn’t feel as fatigued as normal Awesome product and will definitely be recommending it to friends and ordering again
Big thanks Dan"

QUIN "Great Product gives you that extra go when the going gets tough"

BRETT "Awesome product, really rate this stuff! Definitely keeps you trucking"

ETHAN "Will be buying more soon worked miracles up here"

FACEBOOK CUSTOMER "I grabbed a pack of passion fruit Hunt Smart at hunting & fishing Christchurch last week before i went on my first hunt in Nelson tops. I Travelled to NZ from Australia with two mates, your product was outstanding I train a fair bit, usually with only protein and magnesium as the only supplements I use. Usually get muscle soreness pretty bad but not this trip ! Hunt Smart is seriously good. each morning and evening I had a serving following big days on the hills with a heavy pack. I noted that the tank felt full and recovery was much better then I am used to, so from me and the boys THUMBS UP AND THANKS !

ALLAN "Pretty sceptical about this sort of stuff, gave it a try. Flavour a bit strong to cover the electrolyte flavour but it actually has significant amounts. I'm an old bugger and cramps are a problem I used it on a 4 day Kimanawas high country fly in and THIS SHIT ACTUALLY WORKS !

SCOTT  "Ended up with a chamois, The temp hit 35 in the vally today. had some peak performance hunting powder and it worked great!"

WILD HABIT "Really pleased that Hunt Smart kept me hydrated and helped fuel this old goat up Mt Robert this week"

SPARKY "Hunt Smart really helped me in the 38 degree heat hunt! without it I think i would be feeling pretty exhausted"

KADZ "Man what a boost this stuff gives you I nan not recommend Hunt Smart enough"

RASMUS "I'v tried a lot of different nutrition drinks but this is definitely the best so far!"

 WAKA "Great product, No horrible after taste, it even got me through a touch tournament"

ROGEE PRODUCTIONS "gotta say Hunt Smart is the money!!"

MANAWATU HUNTER "One word, Awesome! Hunt Smart by Peak Performance Hunting. The last 48hrs have been epic 12 days in boots slogging it over typical tararua country and loving it. Hunt Smart kept me going through the day and allowed a quick recovery to be ready for the next days adventures. I'm converted are you?"

WILD SIDE HUNTING SAFARIS NZ "Big shoutout to this product Hunt Smart. I'v never been much into supplements however after purchasing some at the sika show and trying it over the weekend i'm sold!!! it really does work"

SALT WHOOLIGAN "picked up a tramping permit for summer. Going to be smashing through this Peak Performance Hunting" "The ducks nuts"

NICK ON THE FLY NZ "Mixing up some of the goods for a little arvo mission "

GUDE HUNTING AND CO "When you need to get that extra mile, smash that higher peak to glass over the next ridge, shoot your next 20 clays straight to win a comp or to maximise your fitness capacity then choose Hunt Smart

 FACEBOOK CUSTOMER "Hey guys, Love the Hunt Smart, been using it for majority of the hound season here in oz. so thanks again and keep those new flavours coming!"

MARGOT "Absolutely the most amazing product, helped so much to get through the long hours docking the past few days. amazing work"

WILD PLACES WILD GAME "Getting through some Peak Performance hunting Hunt Smart to keep us going for the next 3 days hunting and fishing"

WILL "I choose to refuel and stay hydrated with this refreshing goodness. its liquid gold in the mountains and helps keep you going strong and recover faster "

 FACEBOOK CUSTOMER "I absolutely love this stuff! mango tastes awesome Im going to order passion fruit as well. customer service above and beyond"

BUKAZ SHADOW " Very act packed weekend getting it 10 hours of BJJ also slipped in a boring hunt. one thing that I can feel helped is Hunt Smart"

SPEEDY ANTICS "10hr walk, sucked down a bit of Hunt Smart to keep the wheels turning"

BRB LITTLE RED "I'm a believer ! Hunt Smart get up and go up those hills"

AC VENISON HUNTERS "tried the new Hunt Smart by Peak Performance Hunting, Worked real well and helped with the 4-5 hr walk out"

FACEBOOK CUSTOMER "Hey guys sweet product it only turned up in oz 2 days before the end of the rut hunt this year but it definitely works . will be using it from now on thats for sure"

ROSE "Hunt Smart is now a part of our essential kit. We tested out one of us taking it on a massive hunt vs not and recovery being much faster with Hunt Smart, notable differences in muscle pain and endurance. there are so many products out there that we have spent $ on that weren't worth it so I'm keen to shout out the ones that do work well for us and prove themselves"

VELVET SMASH "Is this stuff legal, We have been trying out the new product on the market Hunt smart, over the past few months and we're pretty impressed to say the least. At first thinking it was a gimmick we wee soon proved wrong by the easement it gave while up in the hills"

OUTDOOR NOMADS "Over the past couple of months we have been trying Hunt Smart by Peak Performance Hunting both in and out of the bush, on the road and in the gym, we can honestly say that we love it! it keeps us hydrated, allows us to hunt harder for longer and it tastes great!!"

 DUNCN "All you hunters out there must try Hunt Smart. whilst not eating and drinking much whilst hunting, Hunt Smart kept me energetic and hydrated"